Lehenga Sarees

The elegant and stylish lehenga saree is a newcomer on the Indian fashion ramp. In its appearance, it is an imaginative blend of the conventional saree and the lehenga choli. But this isn’t the only reason why the lehenga saree is all set to rock the fashion scene here. It is so easy to wear that anyone would opt for it.

It comes with pleats ready, so all you need to do is to wrap it around your waist and you’re good to go. What could be easier than that?!!

How to Recognize a Lehenga Saree

The lehenga saree is between 4.5 meters and 5.5 meters long. As with a saree, here too, it is worn over a petticoat, while the bust is covered by a choli. The choli is the conventional saree blouse but worn over the lehenga but it could take the style of a halter neck, backless or deep neck. Often, these cholis are beautified with kundans, mirrors and beads.


The lehenga saree is a kind of a ready-to-wear saree that arose from the general partygoer’s need to wear something quick yet elegant. It is just that – something you slip into and you’re ready for the party. What seems to be the sari is stitched to be a long flared skirt with a side zip. So, you just slip into it, zip up and drape the pallav over your shoulders as you would with the saree. For women who take long wearing a saree, this is a wonderful solution.

How to Drape a Lehenga Saree

When compared to a conventional saree, draping the lehenga saree is child’s play. By taking the plain end of the saree and tucking it into the petticoat, you take the saree around your waist once. Now, you do not need to make pleats because it is already done for you. In fact, here gotas or panels take the place of pleats, displaying a flared skirt.

Once this is done, you drape the pallav over the shoulder as if you are wearing a saree. Some lehenga saris have side hooks, which when fixed, helps it fit comfortably around the waist.

Lehenga Saree Blouse

The lehenga saree is a complete ensemble with its corresponding blouse. You can transform any ordinary blouse into a designer blouse by adding embroidery and sequins or any other embellishments to it. Now, pair this with a wedding saree and see how wonderful it looks. You can choose from any of the blouse designs available and wear it to the swankiest parties in town.

Options Available

The lehenga saree is available in a series of lengths, colors, styles and cuts. However, you can have it customized to suit your figure. It is hugely popular because it has the power of making even ordinary women look special.

Embroidery and Trimmings

Lehenga sarees are made to look glamorous and ornate with various kinds of beautiful hand embroidery. These include Chikan, Kantha, Zardozi, Kashida, Bagh, Kasuti and Sozni.

The trimmings used on them are silver and gold embroidery, genuine pearls, sequins, zardozi, Kundan, glass and wood beads, lace work, etc.

Materials used

Mostly rich fabrics like silk, georgette, brocade, chiffon, crepe and brasso are used to create Lehenga sarees.

Reasons For Its Growing Popularity

  • Easy to get into: Young women, unfamiliar with wearing sarees, but want to wear a saree-like garment easily will welcome the lehenga saree for being easy to drape and carry off. It can be carried off without any discomfort or nervousness, which makes it something women go out and ask for by name.
  • Makes women look young and stylish: The way the lehenga saree drapes is far slicker and trendier than the conventional saree. So, it makes the wearer look youthful. Besides, depending on the choice of lehenga, you can choose your style of blouse, thereby enhancing your overall look and making you look fashionable.
  • Most sought-after bridal wear: Young brides are opting for this attire for their wedding day and this growing market has galvanized fashion designers to bring out a collection of bridal lehenga sarees.