Lakshmi haram, named after Goddess Laxmi, is traditional jewellery in most parts of South India. These necklaces are very popular in 1940s and are becoming a trend now-a-days. In the olden days, there were a very few designs, but of late, there are lots of designs coming up on a daily basis. Most of the south Indian brides prefer this jewellery for their wedding. Although, you can limit the usage of Gold as per your requirement, the minimum amount that goes into making this necklace should be anywhere between 50 gm. to 200 gm. These necklaces are made with laxmi kasu or laxmi coins and they are also known as kasulaperu or kasu mala in Andhra Pradesh and are known by different names in different states. These kasulaperu models can be long or short in length and are usually studded with ruby, emerald and pearls. The imitation jewellery are available in 1gm gold as well and starts from Rs. 3000.

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