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Swapna Thumma

Swapna is a mother, businesswoman, and philanthropist who is deeply passionate about writing blogs on women's clothing.

Swapna Thumma
1 Min Read

Kids Designer Lehenga Cholis

PLEASE NOTE: ALL THE ITEMS LISTED HERE ARE CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE. Here are some latest collection of party wear designer lehenga…

5 Min Read

How to Differentiate Pure Silk Saris from Imitation Silk

These are the days when all consumers need to take extra precautions to ensure the purity and authenticity of all…

4 Min Read

Different Types of Indian Sarees

India has a rich textile tradition, and the quintessential Indian garment, the saree, has its origins deep in the mists…

3 Min Read

Best Hairstyles to Complement Your Saree

The saree has come a long way; from an everyday garment favored by a majority of Indian women, the saree…