The art of decorating long hair plait with flowers has been a very old tradition not just in India but in most parts of the world. This is, especially, an age-old tradition in southern India and is one of the most important element in a girl/women’s make-up during occasions like marriages, birthdays and other gatherings.

Poola Jada, as it is known in Telugu, is a long hair plait decorated with beautiful flowers.  Poola jada, just like a fashion trend, is being changed these days. People are coming up with innovative ideas and making it look better and better. It has become so transformed that the real flowers are being replaced by artificial flowers. Apart from the flowers, pearls, stones, cloth, and other decorative items are being used so you can re-use them.

Some of the most beautiful plaits (poola jadalu) are portrayed here. Hope you like them!

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