For the Indian woman, the saree has made a comeback as the garment of choice for special occasions. Given its versatility, many Indian women favor it; there is a saree for every preference and every need and one is spoilt for choice when it comes to buying sarees. The right accessories add tremendously  to the beauty and elegance of the saree – the right earrings, neck pieces, hairdo and make-up and finally footwear, can all work together to create a sensational look for any occasion.

One may think that it is easy to get away with any pair of shoes for a saree, since the footwear is not very visible. But a pretty saree with everything in place worn with the wrong footwear can be a wardrobe disaster too! So here are some essential tips to help choose the right footwear for your saree.

  1. Try to wear heels, however small they may be when wearing a saree. Flats are alright, but heels can make your outfit look better while also keeping your saree edges clean!
  1. Steer clear from old, ill-maintained shoes. Your footwear will be quite visible when you walk and when you sit. So do not wear shoes that are worn out or unclean.
  1. Black and white footwear may be standard choices for western wear, but they are not the right choice for sarees. The best thing to do would be to carry your saree along when you shop for footwear and pick a similar shade and color. It is well worth taking this extra effort especially if you are wearing a saree for a special occasion.
  1. Bronze, silver or gold sandals can be chosen for special events. Sandals are a good choice for most Indian outfits and are perfect for the Indian climate. So select a pair of strappy sandals with heels to go with your saree, though you should be able to manage the discomfort that those pointy heels may cause! Gold heels to match a bit of gold on your saree can add that special touch too.
  1. Embroidered mojris with small heels and pretty handwork are a good choice for sarees. Peep toes and embellished kolhapuris with heels are also fine choices. Go for footwear with a little extra bling with crystals and stones if your saree is toned down.
  1. Do not wear boots, flip-flops, floaters with your saree under any circumstances! They are sure to attract the wrong kid of attention.



  1. Make a good impression with well-maintained legs and feet.
  2. After all the effort put into selecting the right footwear, it is important to ensure the basics. It is a good idea to have neatly clipped nails, if not a proper pedicure before wearing a saree.
  3. If you wear toe rings, ensure they are the kind that will not cause your saree to get torn or get caught in them.
  4. Having your legs waxed and tidy is a good idea, especially if you are going to be sitting down.
  5. If you are wearing nail polish, ensure it is not chipped.

If you wear a saree often, moisturize regularly with good foot creams to avoid cracked feet. If you have cracked heels, try to wear appropriate footwear that can conceal the cracks.

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