Best Hairstyles to Complement Your Saree

Aishwarya Rai with Chignon or High Bun Hairstyle
Priyanka Chopra in Straight Hair
Kareena Kapor in Layers Hairstyle
Bipasha Basu in Bangs Hairstyle
Kangana Ranaut in Curls Hairstyle
Aishwarya Rai with Side Hairstyle
Esha Gupta in Wavy Hairstyle
Ileana in Ponytail
Vidya Balan in Braids Hairstyle
Model in Puffed Hairstyle


The saree has come a long way; from an everyday garment favored by a majority of Indian women, the saree is now the preferred style statement as India claims more space on the global stage. Bollywood stars and even Hollywood celebrities favor it today, and of course, it has been reinvented thanks to this international attention. Worn correctly, the saree effectively hides the flaws and highlights the wearer’s assets. With its myriad variants, women can pick a saree than can add or reduce a few pounds – and that is quite some magic for a mere 6 yards of fabric!

Accessories complete the look of the saree and need to be picked appropriately. Ear-rings, bangles, necklaces and of course, the hairdo all need to come together to create that picture-perfect look. So here are a few tips on picking the right hairdo for your saree.


One of the most favored hairdos, especially for formal occasions like a wedding reception, is the high bun or chignon. Simply pull all your hair back and roll it up into a high bun that rests right at the top, center of your head. You can adjust the position of the bun according to your preference and then pin it up securely. A few fine strands of hair that fall loose on the sides so as to frame your face are a nice touch. You can accessorize further using hair clips or embellishments on the bun. But keep it simple if you are wearing a heavily embellished saree.


This is the one for the lady in a hurry! Give your tresses a fine brushing and let them tumble down your shoulders. This one works best for those with straight to slightly wavy hair. For curly, or frizzy hair types, you may need to straighten the hair using a styling iron. Part your hair down the middle or sideways – the choice is yours.


Part your hair down one side, and then pull it back loosely. You can also  tie it loose and low on one side. Your hair then falls down one shoulder, either open or held together very loosely. Try to conceal the pin if possible. Wear big earrings and a simple thin chain on your neck to go with this.


It’s surprising that a hairstyle that seems custom-made for Western outfits goes so well with traditional outfits too! Bangs in the front or the sides can help compensate the effect of a prominent forehead. The rest of the hair can be tied up or left loose and the bangs can be the primary element of your hairdo.


A bit of playfulness can be brought in to your outfit with a high ponytail – and all the more reason to wear one of you have a blouse you would like to flaunt! Casual yet chic, the pony tail is a simple hairstyle that goes well with Indian clothes.


The puffed hairstyle is quite popular these days, since it is simple and quick, yet pretty. Take a small section of your hair just above your forehead, and pull it back gently. Do not pull it too tight, instead create a small puff at the front and then pin it up at the back. Allow the rest of your hair to fall down your shoulders. However, avoid this style if you have a very high forehead.


This requires a stylist to cut your hair giving many layers to it. This cut adds volume and is also great way to show off voluminous hair. Your stylist should pay attention to the natural curls and waves to give you the perfect layer cut. This is a low maintenance hairstyle and is favored by many women today. It is a good idea to blow dry your hair with dryer on the low setting to add more bounce and volume. Just let your hair open to fall down your shoulders. This works well with a halterneck or strapless blouse.


This is as classic as it gets! Along with the bun, this is one of the most traditional hairdos to go with a saree. Long, thick, black hair braided and beautified with flowers is the stuff of dreams for many Indian women. There are many kinds of braids to work with and it is good to experiment and go beyond the classic styles. There are embellishments in gold and silver tailor-made for braids meant for special occasions.


  1. Hair should be clean without any knots and tangles before styling.
  2. Hair styling products or sprays can be used to fix your hairstyle so that it lasts for a while.

So go ahead, make a statement with a stylish hairdo and eye-catching embellishments. It is difficult to go ‘wrong’ with a hairdo for a sari, so feel free to try out a new style!